Choosing the Perfect Leavers Hoodie Colour: A Guide to Personalisation and Style

eight hoodies in different colours with a leavers design on the back

Leavers hoodies have become an iconic symbol for students bidding farewell to their academic journey. Among the myriad of decisions to make when ordering leavers hoodies, one question often stands out: What is the best leavers hoodie colour?

In this guide, we'll explore the significance of hoodie colours, popular choices, and how to select the perfect hue for a memorable keepsake.

Reflecting Personal Style:

The best leavers hoodie colour ultimately depends on personal preferences. Some may opt for classic and versatile shades like ‘jet black’, ‘oxford navy’, or ‘heather grey’ for a timeless look. These neutral tones are easy to pair with various outfits and tend to withstand the test of fashion trends.

On the other hand, vibrant and bold colours such as ‘royal blue’, ‘Kelly green’, or ‘fire red’ can add a pop of personality to the hoodie. Choosing a colour that resonates with your individual identity will make the garment more meaningful.

a row of 4 hoodies in jet black, fire red, heather grey, and royal blue

Consideration of School Colours:

Many students choose leavers hoodie colours that align with their school colours. This choice not only fosters a sense of unity but also creates a visual connection to the educational institution. It's a way to proudly showcase school spirit and solidarity among classmates.

a row of 4 hoodies in airforce blue, burgundy, forest green, and purple

Staying on Trend:

Fashion trends come and go, and leavers hoodies are no exception. Keeping an eye on current trends can help in making a stylish choice that stands out. Pastels, for example, have been gaining popularity, offering a fresh and modern twist to traditional hoodie colours.

a row of 4 hoodies in pistachio, dusty rose, natural stone, and caramel latte

Practicality and Versatility:

Practicality should not be overlooked when selecting a leavers hoodie colour. Consider how often the hoodie will be worn and in what settings. Darker colours tend to hide stains and signs of wear better, making them a practical choice for everyday use. Lighter colours, while stylish, may require more maintenance to keep them looking fresh.

a row of 4 hoodies in graphite heather, hot chocolate, bottle green, and jet black


In the end, the best leavers hoodie colour is a highly subjective choice. Whether opting for a classic neutral, a vibrant hue, or a shade that represents school pride, the key is to choose a colour that resonates with the individual or group. By considering personal style, school colours, current trends, and practicality, students can ensure that their leavers hoodies become cherished mementos of their academic journey. So, go ahead, express yourself through colour, and create leavers hoodies that tell your story.