Answers to your questions


How do I get started with an order?

We have a couple of ways to order. Please visit our how to order page where we give you an overview of the process.

Can I see what my hoodie will look like?

Definitely! Simply go to the category page (leavers / ski / trip) for the hoodies you're interested in and fill in the enquiry form. We provide a visual proof of your design choices before you commit to an order.

Can I see a sample hoodie?

Absolutely. We’d love to send you one of our printed sample hoodies so that you can see the quality and get an idea of the sizing. Let us know which size and colour you’d prefer and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Do you make leavers hoodies for primary school children?

All the time! We offer leavers hoodies for primary school children in sizes tailored to their age groups, including 'Age 9-11' and 'Age 12-13'. Additionally, we provide a complete range of adult sizes to cater to everybody's needs.

Are your hoodies good quality?

Yes! The quality is excellent. The reason that we offer such a small selection of hoodies is that we’ve tried and tested hundreds and narrowed it down to a range that have great colours, a good size range, fit well and are long-lasting. Take a closer look at our hoodie.

Who prints the hoodies?

We do! We’re an enthusiastic and talented team of designers and print makers. We design and produce all of your hoodies from our workshop in Sheffield, England.


How much do your hoodies cost?

Each order is unique and the price will vary depending on your quantity, design, print method, individual personalisations and so on. We want to give you the best price, first time, with no hidden costs. Use our tailored enquiry form for leavers hoodies, ski hoodies, and trip hoodies. Or for something different contact us directly.

Which payment methods do you accept?

There are various ways that you can pay for your hoodies:

  • All major Credit / Debit cards
  • BACs transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cheque

Do your prices include VAT?

They do. Our quoted prices always include VAT. If you’d like a quote that excludes VAT, just let us know.


How long do they take to print and deliver?

Our turnaround time is typically 2 weeks from when your order is confirmed. During our busy season (March to June) you can expect turnaround to be more like 3 to 5 weeks. We always aim to accomodate your deadlines and work with you to ensure the hoodies arrive on time.

(Turnaround time includes the delivery to your chosen address. For delivery outside the UK, please ask us for an estimated time scale.)