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We cannot add a hoodie to an order that is in production

If the online shop closed within the last 4 days, we may be able to add you to the existing order. However, if the hoodies have gone into production it will be too late for an additional order.

Here's how it works...

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The hoodie will cost £39.99

Your hoodie will cost more because it has to be processed individually and manually added to the existing order. The admin involved in adding a one-off hoodie is very time consuming.

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Gather your order details

Check the link you were given for the online shop to see what's available for your order. Make a note of the colour / size / personalisation details (if applicable) that you’d like.

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Request your addition by email

You must email your order details to us at

Please include the school / organisation name, the student name, and all of the applicable order details. We’ll then review your request.

If we can add your order on, we’ll email a payment link to you. Once you’ve paid, we’ll process your order and add it on to the main batch.